Gender Ministry in Namibia Targets N$1m to Continue Projects

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The Ministry of Gender in Namibia has expressed hopes to raise N$1 million from the general public through its SMS competition to fund identified projects across the country.

On behalf of the Ministry, its spokesperson, Lukas Haufiku, disclosed that the SMS competition is a form of getting money apart from usual channels, with the public drawn to participate considering the incentives up for grabs ranging from a cell phone to a weekend away for two, shopping vouchers and the grand prize of N$50 000.

“As soon as we get that money, we continue with our projects which were pending either because the account got depleted or the projects came to a standstill because of Covid-19… The ministry’s budget is a bit tight compared to what we are doing because of the requests we get from different communities and it mostly deals with poverty, which is our priority, the lack of water in some communities and quite a portion of the funds go to drilling boreholes” he said.

The Ministry aims to mobilize extra funds to fill the gaps, especially when it comes to targeting poverty-related matters, vulnerability and marginalization in gender spheres.

Outstanding projects for the Ministry to handle include the Talismanus community borehole project in Omaheke, Eha Trading Community Garden, and Omitumbirua Community Garden in the Kunene. Another priority is to cater to the Berseba Community Garden in the //Kharas region and Veronica Mukuve Clothing as well as a handmade beads, bags, and tablecloth making project from Kavango West.

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