Female veterans from the Vietnam War got recognized Tuesday for their service.

About 70 women gathered at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ honor annex in Kansas City and thanked for what they have done.

“Particularly with my era, so many Vietnam vets were being picked on. When I got out, I never made any kind of a big deal whatsoever about being a woman veteran,” said Teresa Curl, who served as an Army medic during the Vietnam War.

Curl has spent more than five decades serving and volunteering in any way she could to support our armed forces. Her dedication was recognized Tuesday as she was presented with a Quilt of Valor.

There was also a special pinning ceremony for each and every one of these women.

Triumphant may be the best way to describe the mood in the room. All the women cheered each other on as they finally got the recognition they deserve.

“There have been times that I want to say “And the women! Don’t forget us! We served right along with them,” said Deborah Grassi, and Air Force veteran.

“I appreciate the fact that they are recognizing all the other ladies that have served, are serving and will continue to serve. Because let’s face it, we ladies can get out there and kick some when we have to,” Curl said.

Last week, President Donald Trump declared this entire month should be dedicated to veterans, not just Veterans Day. The Kansas City VA is doing some sort of celebration every day in November.

Source: KCTV


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