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China Women’s Federation Strengthens Pairing-Up Assistance to Promote Anti-Poverty Battle

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The Women’s Federation of Xuhui District in Shanghai has made great efforts in the battle against poverty in the district’s pairing-up counties in Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Southwest China’s Yunnan Province. 

The district’s women’s federation, cooperating with the Women’s Federation of Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, has organized women’s online bazaar to promote and sell the products of women entrepreneurs in four counties in Honghe. The district’s federation also told stories of women makers and introduced their products through its official WeChat account.

Zhang Hua, an inheritor of Yi embroidery in Honghe and founder of a Yi embroidery cooperative, is one of the beneficiaries of the women’s online bazaar. Zhang’s products debuted in the bazaar on April 27, 2020. She combined the costume of Yi ethnic group with modern fashionable clothing, trying to seek a new development of the cooperative. 

Due to her hard work, Zhang was selected as one of the four “most beautiful women pioneering
Entrepreneurs” by the district’s women’s federation and human resources and social security bureau in 2019, and she got an opportunity to visit Shanghai to share her experience. 

The district’s federation has also mobilized social resources to care for impoverished women and children in the pairing-up counties in the past years. The federation donated shoes, school uniforms and books to impoverished schools, and it provided subsidies to impoverished female students who were enrolled by universities. 

The federation also focused on improving the abilities of impoverished women. It offered financial aid and guidance to female entrepreneurs for starting their own businesses. It helped establish women’s embroidery startup guidance centres in Honghe, to encourage local women to get jobs or start businesses at their homes.

According to the federation, it cooperates with a foundation in Shanghai, planning to establish five activity centres for women and children in the villages in Yuanyang County in Honghe later this year.

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