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Angola Vice-President, Esperança da Costa Campaigns for Equal Access to Science for Women and Young Girls

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Her Excellency Esperança da Costa, the Vice-President of the Republic of Angola, has called for a full and equal promotion of access to science for the participation of women and young girls in the country.

Angola has been developing actions to empower young people and women for science, highlighting, among others, the Science and Technology Development Project led by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation.

At the forum’s opening on “Women and Young Girls in Science in Angola”, the Vice-President stressed that the promotion should be based on the training and development of skills to make their ideas heard, as well as boosting growth, harmony and peace.

At the time, Esperança da Costa recalled that the promotion of gender equality is crucial due to the Constitution of the Republic and one of the fundamental tasks of the Angolan State.

Esperança da Costa said that the national policy for gender equality and equity set women’s lack of access to scientific research as constraints to be tackled.

She stressed that the strategy was set as a target to achieve a 30% increase in the rate of women in scientific research.

To Esperança da Costa, holding the Forum for Women and Young Girls in Science in Angola is an important event in celebrating the International Day of Women and Girls in Science in the current month.

The Vice-President considered that the meeting draws attention to science’s role in promoting women’s empowerment based on education and teaching.

She highlighted that women are increasingly playing a crucial and decisive role in social, economic and political development, achieving great success in various fields.

The mentioned project establishes that 55% of the post-graduate scholarships and of development funding for scientific research should go to women.

The event promoted by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation in partnership with the Ministry of Education was attended by members of the Angolan Government, MPs and academics.

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