In Safi, a city in western Morocco, a female caid has been about the city raising awareness among the region’s inhabitants, telling them to stay at home amid the novel coronavirus crisis.

This female caid , Houria, is seen wearing a green uniform and holding a microphone and stands firmly near a duty vehicle. She shares concerns and advises people to stay home to limit the spread of COVID-19.

The region’s caid uses simplified language to address inhabitants of all descripts. Her dedication in the face of her concerns has earned her tribute and respect from Moroccans. 

“Women, keep your children home. Stay home. Children, bring out your books and study. Visit the websites where your lessons are available and study. Learn new languages,” the caid cries on her loudspeaker microphone.

With the heart of a concerned mother, the female leader addresses all people passing through the neighborhoods, asking them to go home.

“Why are you laughing? People are dying and you are laughing. Go home.” Moroccans are applauding her statements, her commitment, and her concerns for the safety of the region’s inhabitants.

Safi’s female caid is one of many local authorities mobilizing strongly to raise citizens’ awareness to avoid gatherings and to stay home to limit the proliferation of the pandemic.

Authorities across Morocco’s 12 regions are mobilizing forces to warn citizens against any action that would undermine efforts put in place to counter the virus.

Morocco entered a state of lockdown on March 20. The country confirmed has 143 novel coronavirus cases as of today, March 24, including four deaths and five recoveries.

Source: Morocco World News

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