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2022 African Women’s Handball Championship kicks off in Dakar

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This year’s African Women’s Handball Championship has commenced in Dakar, Senegal, with 13 nations competing with each other.

It was a perfect start for the host country, Senegal, after defeating Madagascar 40 goals to 9.

A Senegalese player, Soukeyna Sagna, disclosed the feelings behind the wins;

“Of course, it is the best way. It also gives us strength and is very good for the future. Now we must continue like this, and it is not won yet. We will continue like this; we will continue to work. Now, you should never take a team for granted. We use this kind of team to work on the ball movement, the finishing, etc. I think we played a good game. We have a long way to go, and we will use this game to set us for the next match.”

Also, Hawa Ndiaye, another Senegalese player, said, “We intend to approach each game in the same way: to be at the top. Each game is like a final, and we want to go all the way. We know why we are here; we know that we have responsibilities, and we shall outperform to make our country proud,”

The 2022 African Women’s Handball Championship is the 25th edition of the African Women’s Handball Championship, which takes place from 9 to 19 November 2022.

This 25th edition of the African Women’s Handball. The championship will continue until November 19.

The tournament is held under the aegis of the African Handball Confederation and acts as the African qualifying tournament for the

2023 World Women’s Handball Championship, with the top four teams qualifying.

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