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AU Set to Publish Inspiring Stories of Women in Africa

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The African Union (AU) is set to celebrate and document the stories of African women and girls making a difference through demonstrated, exceptional leadership with an Initiative rolled out through the Women, Gender and Youth Directorate (WGYD) of the Commission.

The AU intends to compile the experiences, triumphs and impact of African women and young girls in leadership in an upcoming book to be published during the year, with an aim to honour such women and girls in various sectors as a means of inspiring other girls and women to see beyond existing structural barriers and strive for excellence.

Nomination for people to be featured in the publication will either through 3rd party nomination or self-nomination with a submission deadline set for June 30. The WGYD will then set out, through a diverse review panel, to vet, authenticate and select the stories to be included in the book.

In a statement covering the purpose of the publication, the Commission noted that there are many untold stories of women and girls, their successes, opportunities and challenges as they strive to achieve meaningful participation in leading the political and socio-economic development of Africa.

“Documenting the stories of these women and girls will be crucial evidence of the potential women and girls to lead and leave legacies of success. The initiative is expected to call on governments and other stakeholders to create an enabling environment and support for female leaders and their enterprises,” the statement read in part.

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