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She squared up with cancer

Story by Tshingowe Nomsa Edited and written by Kembet Bolton According to the World Health Organization, Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. World Cancer Day was made official at the first World Summit Against Cancer in 2000. The event took place in Paris and was attended by members of cancer organizations and prominent government leaders from around the world. A document titled the Charter of Paris Against Cancer featuring 10 articles was signed, outlining a global commitment to improving the facilitation and quality of life of cancer patients. Advancement and increased investment in researching, preventing, and treating cancer was also highlighted. Article X of this charter officially declared World Cancer Day to be observed on February 4. A cancer diagnosis often brings sadness, anger, confusion, and feelings of helplessness. These feelings make it important for the person with cancer to know that support and help are…

How to Start Writing a Self-Esteem Journal & 7 Effective Tips to Do It Right

If we’re not happy with who we are, we won’t be able to love ourselves. And, if we don’t love ourselves, we won’t be able to receive love from others. That means that it’s very important that we introduce daily exercises that will contribute to building a positive self-image. We need to put in the effort and work on our mental health, and self-esteem. And, one of the best ways to do so is to start writing a self-esteem journal. If you like what you hear but aren’t sure how to do it, we’re here to help you. Below, you’ll find all the information you need to start writing a self-esteem journal and do it right. Let’s take a closer look. What is a Self-Esteem Journal? Let’s begin by explaining what exactly is a self-esteem journal and how it works. A self-esteem journal is your personal journal that comprises of:…

Asher Yatzar

(My prayer for poop)

At the beginning of this article which can be found here I explained how I came across the word Asher yatzar and how I came to be diagnosed with hemorrhoids. The doctor recommended enema as a first line of treatment. This part of the article describes the different cause of treatments I experimented with and how I finally got my relief.

Is leaving the only solution to domestic violence?

Another Look at the Othello Syndrome

Since the coronavirus lockdown, my High School Alumni WhatsApp group has been one of my favourite pastimes. Over the last four weeks, I have spent some time catching up on chats with my homegirls, and it has been an amazing experience.

About a week ago, I read a personal experience posted by one of the girls on the group, Chinelo. It was a story about her relationship with an abusive partner, and it opened up a whole new dimension to a very much ignored aspect of spousal abuse or Intimate Partner Violence. The overwhelming response to the story from other members of the group recounting their similar experiences got me wondering; how many ladies have been through this, and how many ever got the chance to speak about it? I was also very concerned because I could Identify with Chinelo’s story, it sounded very much like my account but for a few twists.

The Florence Nightingale Effect

This made her careless around him to the point that she tested positive to the virus a few weeks later. In her words, “she has no regrets’’. This brought a hot debate on the comments section of the post with some arguing that it was unethical and stupid to fall in love with a patient, while others opined that love was not something that is often planned and can catch one anywhere and happen with anyone. So, what exactly is the ‘’Florence Nightingale Effect’’? and what are the principles surrounding such relationships? What Is the Florence Nightingale Effect? The Florence Nightingale Effect (also referred to as Nightingale Syndrome) is a pop-culture reference to the real nurse, Florence Nightingale, who treated her patients with care and compassion. The term originally connoted the care and compassion that nurses were to show their patients, a kindhearted and empathetic relationship, not a romantic one.…