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Are Calories the Enemy?

By Kembet Bolton

I have been watching my weight for as long as I can remember. I can not think of a time when I wasn’t trying to lose weight. My quest for losing weight and being tiny has seen me battling with different eating disorders, which has never yielded the result I longed for. I have tried different fad diets, will lose a few kilograms and will gain them back as faster than it took me to lose.

Eating Late at Night May be Particularly Bad for You and Your Diet: Here is Why

By Walcott Aganu Reluctant as you may be to admit it, chances are that at some point you may have found yourself in the kitchen late at night, devouring some sweet, salty or carb-rich treat even though you are not hungry. For years, we have said a calorie is a calorie no matter when you consume it. While grabbing the occasional midnight snack may not be of any precise problem, making a habit out of it can have serious long-term impacts on your health and your overall well-being. There’s a reason why all health experts, nutritionists and doctors will advise you to beat the habit of eating late at night or noshing on oily and fried snacks to satiate your late-night hunger pangs. Late-night snacking may be more insidious than just a poor eating habit as it could get addictive and may even degenerate into a full-blown eating disorder known…

Banana Bread Anyone?

By Kembet Bolton Bananas and plantains are the world’s fourth most important food crop and are of critical importance to the food security and income generation of more than 70 million Africans. There are various types of banana unique to Africa, and these can be eaten fresh, cooked, fried and processed to be served as baby food, juice and beer. There is one other way to eat banana and make it appear almost everyday in our menu -you guess right, that will be the banana bread. Bread is a staple in most African homes and the banana bread can be an exciting way to add this staple meal to our everyday menu in a healthy way. Here is an easy recipe for banana bread. Ingredients 3 ripe bananas (mashed) 1 cup white sugar 1 egg ½ Cup melted butter 1 ½ cups all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon salt…