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Resilience of Women Is Pivotal in Facing the COVID-19 Pandemic – H.E. Silvana Abdo – First Lady of Paraguay

The COVID‑19 pandemic is harming health, social and economic well-being worldwide, with women at the centre. From leading the health response to shouldering much of the burden at home caused by the pandemic, women have been at the forefront of fighting the virus. In a recent interview with the Amazons Watch magazine, the first lady of Paraguay, HE Silvano Abdo gave her thoughts on the role of women in the pandemic and many more issues. Excerpts.

Women the Most Undertapped Resource for Development – Audrey Joy Grant

An old and reverberated cliché – ‘’Women represent the least valued and the most under-tapped resource,’’ remains true today as it was in time past. The US executive and author Sheryl Sandberg could not have put it better when she said “We must raise both the ceiling and the floor’’ in our struggle to get more women to the top. ‘’When women access their rightful opportunities when their talents are made to shine without hesitation when they have access to education, training and finance when their standing is determined by results and not gender, the effect will be spectacularly transformative, and will represent a return on investment beyond what is imagined by the most progressive amongst us.’’

The Only Woman in The Boardroom – The Story of Reinette Van Der Merwe

Women will be the minority in almost all if a random survey of board rooms is taken, and in statistics where you are in the minority, growing your influence and power takes time. With over two decades in the banking industry, Reinette Van der Merwe earned the title of being the only woman in the boardroom, and she was the only woman most of the time. In this interview with Amazons Watch magazine, she shares her thoughts on this and other issues. Excerpts:

Family togetherness and reassurance will ensure a stable and healthy mental state to cope with COVID – HR Expert

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is impacting everyone, but some are more likely to have a drastic impact than others. Recent data from UNFPA show that the economic and physical disruption, engendered by the disease, have a more catastrophic impact on women and girls around the world with evidence of an increase in violence against women and girls, the world over.

Improving Women’s Participation On Corporate Boards Would Require Quotas In Publicly Traded Companies – Trajano

Working her way through the ranks of her family-owned retail store, Magazine Luiza, Luiza Helena Trajano transformed the company from a retail store in Franca Sao Paulo, into one of Brazil’s leading retailers, now operating over 731 stores across 16 states in the country. Trajano has in the last decade, retained her place as one of Brazil’s leading women entrepreneurs, building and operating a multi-billion – dollar cooperation.

Showcase Successful Female Leaders to Inspire the Younger Generation – Nana Ama Poku

Nana Ama Poku is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Ghana Exim Bank with oversight responsibility for the Business and Banking Division of the Bank. Embedded in her role also is the need for a focus on SME development. In this interview with Amazons watch magazine, Mrs. Poku tells of the Bank’s significant strides in SME development and lots more.