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5 Side Hustles for Stay Home Moms

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Today, people are beginning to embrace the idea of having a side hustle than before, maybe because prices of goods and services are going up and we’ve realized that our monthly income can no longer take care of our bills. So, we need other streams of income to live life comfortably. 

With time being the most important factor, I think that stay-home-moms are the most beneficial group in this topic of discussion.

People often assume that there are few jobs that a stay-home-mom can engage in. Contrary to this belief, this age provides several kinds of jobs that a stay-home-mom can do and earn quite a good amount of money within the comfort of her home, without jeopardizing her daily chores. 

Many stay-home-moms are maximizing their free time to create amazing careers from a side hustle, you can also join the trail. Below are 5 side hustles amongst others that you can start with, and are perfect for stay-home-moms.


For some reasons, writing might not click for many stay-home-moms but giving it a trial and practicing can launch you into a career you were not prepared for and may end up paying you well. I am a writer, and up until I got employed into a media organization I never thought I could write or get paid for writing. 

I remember my first article and how I managed to gather my thoughts in 500 words, but today, there’s a great improvement. Freelancing is becoming thick in the media and PR industry, someone once said that if there’s any secret to writing…it’s this one: more businesses need good writing than there are writers available to help them. As unbelievable as it sounds there are great writing opportunities out there that you can engage in such as;

Ghostwriting: this involves helping someone communicate their stories and ideas without taking the credit as the writer. This just means that you write as them. 

If you are wondering who might be in need of this service, it should please you to know that many celebrities, politicians, athletes, and business executives rely on ghostwriters to help them publish. All you have to do is get your name in front of them. Follow them on social media, like their post, send them a DM, offer to do it for free for a certain period of time so that they can see your competence. However, all of these must be preceded by your constant practice and growth before setting out to hunt your targeted client. 

In summary, ghostwriting is just one of the many ways that you can make money as freelance writer from the comfort of your home.

Start a monetized blog

This is not a get-rich-quick means but by blogging you can turn a passion into a potential income stream by writing about your motherhood journey and life generally on a consistent basis.

Don’t start by monetizing the blog, just consistently write until you have an audience, you can do this by writing very interesting articles with catchy topic under a niche you have created for yourself. 

When you decide to monetize your site with products you create, affiliate links to things you love, and sell ads to businesses you recommend to earn passive income day in and day out.

Basically, your first focus should be on building traffic and gaining a loyal audience, once this is achieved, you can potentially make a decent income from your blog.

Start a YouTube Channel

This might not be generally accepted for some reasons, especially for women like me who feel uncomfortable being in front of a camera. However, these days, vlogging doesn’t necessarily require the face of the presenter for the information to sell. There are a thousand videos on YouTube with just voicing and no faces. 

The thing about vlogging for stay-home-moms is that they have something to sell to other women and moms who do not have the free times that they have and are extremely busy. A stay-home-mom has the opportunity to ‘practicalise’ a lot of things and come up with new ideas, tips and ways of keeping a home. These information are valuable and can be sold to other people who need them. So if you are thinking of what to do with a YouTube channel, look for those crafts and ideas that you’ve gained in your journey as a mother, and may be unique to you or not common to others.

The most important thing is to generate a lot of traffic that would attract sponsored videos/paid promotions.

Become a Transcriptionist

Transcribing is not an easy job but it pays well and for someone who isn’t answerable to a boss, I think you can manage the job if you plan well. There are several transcription platforms like that you can join and start earning cool cash. 

All it requires are fast fingers, a good listening skill, like attention-to-detail etc. For starters I always advise people to watch movies and transcribe, doing this over time will build your skill and help you adapt when you finally start working on a paid job.

Don’t bother about people not needing this service because there are a lot of people who use transcriptionists to help put recordings into permanently written documents. It goes without saying that transcription is of great demand. Also, several companies routinely hire transcriptionists to work from home, of which most of these openings are independent contractor jobs, this implies that you can get the flexibility of working from your home and often times you get to choose how much work you want.

Online Tutoring 

I think every mother qualifies as a teacher, well, that is my opinion but if you think this through you will see a sense in it. Maybe I was ambiguous using the phrase ‘every mother’ but most mothers are involved in their children’s day-to-day life, and you can’t be around children and not be ready to explain, define, educate and clarify terms. Of which most of the times mothers are the ones doing the teachings and explanations. 

So what else? Even if you don’t have a direct teaching experience, being a mother is a enough experience to teach basic subject to toddlers except when the mother in question is not educated. In essence, it is advisable that every stay-home-mom looking for a side hustle should consider online tutoring, as there are various platforms such as VIPKIDS that can help mothers reach this goal. 

Online tutoring varies, it could be teaching non-English speaking kids the basic grammar of English language, or teaching non-French kids how to speak French, that is, if you understand French etc. It could be any subject outside language, but if you have been thinking about doing this but have been restrained by lack of confidence in your ability to teach, bear in mind that being a mother and having to help your kids grow is an ability to bank on.

In conclusion, for most women considering a side hustle, your reason might not be tied to making more money but to get busy and increase in knowledge, whatever the case maybe, the above listed side jobs can help any mother looking to earn more money or be engaged in self development activities. What is required is a good research and proper time management to reach the targeted goal.

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