Being an exception in providing value in various aspects of life is what passionate people love to do, adding beauty to life’s untapped resource and making a masterpiece out of it. Great people strive to become masters and expertise in their field of work, leaving marks and footprints for all to see and copy.

Doing what you love to do is not enough but understanding what you do and the ability to control your work is perfect. Having a perfect understanding of your skills is an open door to excellence.

Tatiana Bilbao Spamer is a Mexican architect who has distinguished herself in her field based on her unique passion that calls her attention to creativity drawn from environmental curiosity.

Tatiana’s love for architecture can be traced down her linage. She was born in 1972 in Mexico City, into an architect’s family. She had a robust vision towards bringing to life her passion and she followed through until it became a reality.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture and urbanism from Universidad Iberoamericana. She once worked with the Urban Housing and Development Department of Mexico City as an advisor for Urban Projects to the minister from 1998-99. Working at the Urban Housing and Development Department of Mexico City steered an interest to make an impact in public space and urban development.

At first, she started out with two partners and they create a studio but they parted ways after four years and some months and then the studio was closed down.

As a result of the urban situation of Mexico, Tatiana pushed forward to establish the Tatiana Bilbao Estudio in 2004.

Tatiana Bilba Estudio focuses on cultural and economic development which is inspired by Tatiana’s multicultural and multidisciplinary office.

The Tatiana Bilba Estudio concentrates on understanding the structure and natural characteristics of the environment in order to translate its inflexible attributes into beautiful designs, using resources to create spaces in order to humanize them as a contribution to global capitalism which leads to cultural and economic development.

Her studio was the first step in her journey to fame and prosperity. Her first recognized work was the exhibition pavilion in Jinhua Architecture Park that was completed in 2007.

The project was the best amongst a Chinese led exhibition coordinated by Ai Weiwei (a Chinese artist) who selected a group of young architects from around the world to design and develop a large park organized by a network of pavilions and located in the shore of the Yiwu River, close to Shanghai.

She has created diverse works which include the Botanical Garden in Culiacán, a master plan and open chapel for a Pilgrimage Route in Jalisco, a Biotechnological Center for a Tech Institution, a sustainable housing prototype that is built with 8,000 USD, and a funeral home.

Most importantly, her efforts in the development of Mexico’s sustainable housing has been really exceptional, this has brought about the recognition from many angles.

The various recognitions among others includes the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture Prize in 2014, she was named the Emerging Voice by the Architecture League of NY in 2009, Recipient of the Kunstpries Berlin in 2012.

She is not only pursuing her dreams but also pursues development through her unique impact.

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