Antonia Gutiérrez made history when she was named the first female CEO of American Airlines México after having worked with the company for more than 40 years. Her story is truly inspiring and shows where hard work can get you, as she started off working as a secretary before climbing the ladder to budgeting and finance, and continuing upwards to her current position as CEO. Since beginning as CEO, three new routes have been opened between Mexico and Dallas amongst other things.

Antonia Gutiérrez is the first Mexican executive to hold the position of American Airlines in Mexico.

Originally from Mexico City, ‘Tony’ studied Psychology and then specialized in Marketing by ITAM. She joined the company in 1975 as secretary of the reservations area.

Her determination and professionalism led her to occupy various positions in areas such as tickets, reservations, sales, and finances until in 1995 she was appointed Commercial Director, position in which she managed to duplicate the operation of the airline in Mexico. Together with her team, Gutiérrez has contributed significantly to the constant growth of American Airlines during the last years and under her function, the airline managed to double its operation in Mexico.

When taking the position General Director of American Airlines in 2012, one of its main objectives has been Customer Service in segments such as punctuality, security, better handling of luggage, on-board service and personalized attention.

Currently, the airline operates more than 600 weekly flights and operates in 21 destinations in Mexico. In its offices, around 900 people are employed in addition to the call centre with more than 250 people.

American Airlines operates in Mexico since 1942.

“American Airlines has served Mexico for almost 70 years and we continue to grow in the country, now under the direction of Tony Gutiérrez,” said Arthur J. Torno, Vice President for Mexico, the Caribbean, and Latin America.   “Her experience, combined with her commitment to providing the best possible travel experience for our clients, makes her a great leader for our airline.”

American Airlines started operations in Mexico in 1942,   today it serves 17 destinations in the country, the largest amount in a single country outside the United States for the airline.

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