While gender equality in the government sector still proves elusive, and female leadership is almost non-existent in the top echelons of the ruling Communist, some parts of the Asian continent still boast of self-made women who have navigated their way to the top regardless of the unfair economy. Not only are self-made Chinese women growing in global prominence, but the contribution of Chinese women to the economy at all levels has increased greatly in recent years. 

One of the remarkable women on this list of global successes in the midst of hardship is, Zhoe Qunfei, a Chinese entrepreneur who founded the major touchscreen maker Lens Technology Company. She is the Founder and CEO of Lens Technology

When we examine the background of this successful Amazon closely, it becomes obvious that the milestone of success which she has built were primarily achieved through perseverance. Zhoe was a high school dropout and a former factory worker who grew up in a small village in central China. She experienced the hard bite of life as she lost her mum at the tender age of five.  

Her father became partially blinded and lost a finger in an industrial accident.

All these sad experiences were not good enough reasons to make Zhoe Qunfei give up on life. She picked up herself and did all sought of dirty menial jobs to help her family survive through life.

At age 16 Zhoe was forced to leave high school in order to provide for her family. She secured a job at a factory making watch lenses for about $1 a day and through hard work and determination, she struck out on her own at age 22. With only $3,000 in her pocket, Zhou and a few relatives started a workshop, making watch lenses for customers, after she had learnt the trade from a small watch glass-making factory in Shenzhen . This then seemed to be the beginning of Zhou Qunfei’s tale from rags to riches. She paid so much diligence to her glass-making factory, so much so that she got involved in every operation of the company and became proficient in each of it, including the repairs and creating improved designs of factory machinery.  

Her companies’ profit sky-rocketed when she took the life-changing decision to begin making glass screens for mobile phones. In 2003, she launched Lens Technology, developing the start-up into the touch-screen sector’s dominant player, supplying products made by leading electronics giants including Apple, Samsung and Huawei. As she began to attain these admirable feats, she hit so much bigger challenges, twice she had to sell her house to pay her employees’ salaries, but through much more resilience and confidence she successfully pushed off these barriers on her way to success. Never did she stop learning and making her way out of her predicament. Zhou, found fame after Lens debuted on Shenzhen’s ChiNext A-share market on March 18. In March 2015, Zhou’s Lens Technology had the big boom, and today the company is valued at $11.4 billion and is currently said to have over 82,000 employees across China.

Being a successful entrepreneur with so many people who look up to her, Zhou inspires upcoming entrepreneurs charging them that the key to success is to persevere, especially in most difficult times. Summarizing the success of this business mogul the words “determination and courage” cannot be omitted, since Zhou Qunfei knew how to pull out what she needed from life and not just accepting whatsoever life threw at her.

Zhoe also has a very interesting family life; she married her former factory boss, had a daughter, and divorced. Her daughter is currently studying overseas. In 2008, she married Zheng Junlong a longtime factory colleague who currently serves on the Lens board in the company. They have a seven-year-old son who lives at their Hong Kong family home. The family owns a $27 million estate in Hong Kong.

Zhou has stated that although she considers work to be her hobby, she also enjoys mountain climbing and ping pong. 

Zhou Qunfei’s rags-to-riches story has been credited as an inspiration to the millions of migrant workers in China as she consistently showcases the rare resilience that breeds success. 

Sources: SCMP News

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