There is nothing as powerful as a group of single-minded and strong-willed women who have refused to take no for an answer to what they believe in life. These classes of women are unstoppable to any force that tries to limit them. 

Today, women have begun to dominate all fields and industries especially in fields and countries where they have been underrepresented in the past – the tech-industry for example. It is no longer news when we hear the tremendous results of various women in tech.

In Ghana we have Anne Amuzu-Ewoenam a young, self-motivated and vivacious technology entrepreneur who has pitched a tent for herself in the ICT sector and has impacted on the tech industry in Africa. In 2014, Anne was named one of the 10 female tech founders to watch in Africa by Forbes.

According to Anne, “There is no female brain and male brain, we are all persons not just gender. Career and professions don’t have gender. It’s about your ability, not your gender. So, if there is something you can do, you don’t have to look at who is in there. They are human beings just like you.” 

Anne is known as the co-founder of Nandimobile; a company that develops software that enables business organisations to deliver customer support and information via mobile phones.

Nandimobile was formed in 2010 by Anne and two other students from MEST called Michael Dakwa and Edward Amartey-Tagoe. The software company was created to serve technological needs of organizations and businesses in her home country – Ghana. When Anne spoke about the process undergone in establishing Nandimobile, she said “It was a long process. We went through a lot of refinements, so by the time the actual product was out, it was something people wanted. We have been very, very big on getting feedback from our customers since they are the ones going to use it.”

The company made it first step into limelight in 2010, when its maiden product ‘Gripeline’ was said to solve a worldwide problem and was awarded the Best Business at the Rising Talent launch conference in San Francisco. Nandimobile has gone on to win various other awards within and outside Ghana. Anne has also graced panels across several continents.

Anne was also part of the team that developed an app called Keni. Keni helps to give people an easy access to varieties of essential services like banks and ATM’s, fuel stations, health services, pharmacies and shops in Ghana.

She was part of the #IlooklikeanEngineer campaign on social media. The campaign was aimed at bringing gender disparity and sexism in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) to the fore of discussions.

In order to give back to the society, Anne has devoted herself to teach young Ghanaians how to write code.

In 2013, she was nominated for the Annual Fortune/U.S. State Department Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership Programme.

Since creation, man has been in pursuit of making life much easier for inhabitants of the earth. Anne’s creations make it easier for people within and outside Ghana to send information literally with a few taps on a phone. For this reason, Amazons Watch Magazine is delighted to share her story and her dedicated effort in standing up for women in the technology industry and also looking out for the growth of others in order that they might become better versions of themselves.

To every female entrepreneurs Anne says: “Find your passion and what you are good at. Learn and read a lot on it and just do it. Sometimes we over-analyze and it paralyses our ideas. Ideas are nothing if they are not implemented. Ideas and visions are always clearer when you start implementing them.”

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