By: Mwila Mwila
Parents may not sometimes approve of the dressing styles that the teenage girls are following but in most cases, it’s just a lack of a good memory in most of us Parents, especially Mothers, on what a confusing stage Teenage hood can be, especially when it comes to individual style and fashion taste.  Teenagers usually experiment with different elements with regards to clothing and try to find their unique sense of style.  If you have a teen girl at home, you’ve probably already seen her fretting over what to wear and how to style her look, please allow them, a little experiment would do no harm. And besides, it’s just another phase in growing up, which eventually fades.

Instead of trying to have them fit in with your preferred and imagined kind of peer dress code, as most parents to Teenagers do,  you have to remember that, it’s not just about ‘’dress code,’’ at this stage, it’s rather more about self-discovery.  It would be helpful if you help them discover and become an individual they are seeking to become by creating their own sense of style and that way you won’t have to fight over ‘’dress code’’ all the time.

You also have to understand that age doesn’t matter when it comes to fashion and style sense, it is inherent, we are born with it, complementing our temperaments and in many cases, this can be a Gift that gets out to dress the Globe as many Fashion Designers and Fashion Icons out there. Despite being only teenagers, most Teenage girl’s sense of style is fashion-forward and tasteful, creating global trends, in our social media age, mostly, age-appropriate but edgy, and it’s interesting that they manage to keep their style feminine with a little flair and by adding their own spin on, they go on to create something really unique and out of the box for themselves. Amazing!

It’s important that as Parents we don’t use their age to stop them from exploring their fashion sense. As a mom, let your teen girl explore and enjoy the world of fashion, even as you guide her through some interesting ideas that will help her create her own individual fashion identity and win in life.

So Mom here’s your chance to update your girl with some interesting and very ‘it’ fashion styles that are all the rage right now and find another angle to get along from with your Teenage girl. Here is a list of fashion ideas for teens that will let your teen girl find her own style and be comfortable with it. Firstly, never forget to teach them from a very tender age, to always remember, one doesn’t have to wear anything heavy, labels or expensive to show off a dressing sense. Style is all about being comfortable with your discovered individual fashion sense. After all teenage years is personal worth and sense of style discovery period, and it is allowed to flaunt yourself in various styles until you find what you are actually comfortable in. And at this age, most trends speak about the colours. Vibrant and pastel colours are the main colours at this age. Then floral prints, funky and quirky designs are a great way to look stylish also.

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