Following the groundbreaking result on women in parliament in Rwanda, Liberian Members of Parliament are determined to understand how Rwanda has empowered its women and draw best practices to implement back home.

A delegation of Liberian legislators led by Honorable Acarous M. Gray on Monday held discussions with the Speaker of the lower chamber of deputies Right Honourable Donatille Mukabalisa and also met with other forums.

The Speaker took them through how Rwanda has empowered women in all sectors of life from mindset change to education that led to representation of 30% in all decision-making institutions.

“The benefit of this inclusion is tremendously visible in the country’s development and achieving more goals,” she observed.

The Liberians also had to digest Rwanda’s past dark history and how the country has defied odds to rebuild and get back on track in the past 25 years.

Mukabalisa explained them the functioning of Rwandan parliament and how Rwanda has overcome the dark history of 1994 genocide against Tutsi which claimed a million lives and how it has chosen to work together for the country’s development.

“We came to learn from best practices of Rwanda and get ideas that will help them establishing good policies in Liberia especially in gender empowerment,” Says the leader of Liberian delegation.

In Liberia, women have no chance of entering to the parliament, unless they are elected from their constituencies.

Hon. Acarous believes that the Rwandan experience especially the leadership structure provides the best way of empowering Liberian women.

The Liberians also learnt the principle that the Speaker of Rwanda parliament doesn’t belong to the same political party with the President of the Republic saying this is a good sign to parliament independence and democracy in the country.

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