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Inequalities in our societies and in the global marketplace are rampant, such as the Burkina ban in France, and world systems are increasingly proving their inability to provide succor to a huge percentage of its citizens. Yet, it is amazing that in the midst of these failures, there are women who STANDOUT! Women who have taken the bull by the horn, navigating stormy and murky waters; to ensure that the JOB is done.

African-American US Attorney General Loretta Elizabeth Lynch is a valid testimony that women thrive on tough jobs; with Michelle Bachelet, President of Chile’s 2nd shot as the country’s chief executive, confirming that testimony. This inspiring women may well be the driving force of the daring courage and strength exhibited by Fadumo Dayib– Republic of Somalia’s first female presidential candidate; making her a safe bet that may turn the country’s tide of crises.

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Also, in a world plaqued by various uncertainties, lessons on ‘staying strong, no matter what,’ can never be overemphasized. Kimberly Goodloe’s story of triumph and healing reveals how families of those struggling with a heart and stroke disease, can be ‘the cure.’

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Our Rural Diamonds are women who defy all odds, rolling up their sleeves and going down to communities to impact and improve the lives of women. Samira Assabahi, a young widow and our rural diamond for this week, was driven by the pain and suffering of widows, to get a real education and returned to put smiles on their faces.

And championing the highly risky and murky sphere of impact investing, Heather Henyon represents a ray of hope for women start-ups in the Arab World.

Have you ever experienced an outburst of anger from a teenage girl? I do not have a teenage girl but a 7 year old who occasionally displays bouts of anger and I am like – where are these coming from? Kathryn Rudlin, Author of the book- ‘Ghost Mothers’ gives real tips on what to do to help.

Once again, i have to put a stop to my thoughts, for now, in order to allow you time to read through these inspiring and empowering stories for this week.

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From me to you, do have a great week.


Thank you.


Furo Giami



Welcome to a brand new week. On this 8th day of the 8th month in 2016; I am extremely excited to bring the amazing and most definitely inspiring stories of the World’s Amazons; right in front of your desk or laptops.

The 22nd day in July 2016, remains one of the most memorable days of my life, I graduated from the University of Salford Business School with a Master of Science in Global Management. It was indeed a crowning of all days of sweat and hard work and persistence.  The aspect of the day being a memorable one does not necessarily relate to the new academic feat acquired ( as I am yet to reach the pinnacle of my academic pursuit); rather, the unforgettable moment, which I will forever cherish, was the point at the ceremony when the Afro-Scot female Chancellor of the University, Jackie Kay, shook my hands and handed me my certificate. As Jackie Kay (who is partly Nigerian and partly Scottish), stood and gave her ground breaking speech, which was a summary of her life story and an in-depth outlay of inspirational messages; all I felt at that moment was a sense of pride and unshakeable resolve to keep climbing the ladder of my career and destiny, without looking back.

Subsequently, I tasked my team to undergo a thorough research on her, and as such, Jackie Kay emerged as our distinguished Woman of Colour for this week.

We are also celebrating our new entrants for this week- Britain’s 2nd Female Prime Minster, Theresa May, and Tokyo’s first female Governor, Yuriko Koike; on whose shoulders lies great responsibilities in an era of uncertain economic and political upheavals. Nevertheless, women strive on tough jobs. We pray for their ultimate success.

Also, fighting against the Enemy Within her body, Karen Ager gives us a lesson on- Staying grateful and full of Joy, in the face of adversity.

And from an African Amazon, Madam Grace Alele Williams, whose journey through the path of learning and preparation led her to an array of appointments and jobs, both nationally and globally, I have developed a new goal and message- The world must move on from celebrating Women Firsts to Women Umpteenths.

On this point, I am putting a pause on my thoughts in a bid to urge you to read every story and article, get inspired, do not stop there, inspire other women with what you have learnt and go take command of your world; for only then, can we have- Women Umpteenths- a time when we can celebrate not just a few women but many women. And do you know the reason? I will tell you- Every Country needs the 3 pillars of the strength of a woman- Fortitude, Steadfastness, and Tenacity (as defined in Yuriko Koike’s Manifesto).

From me to you, do have a great week ahead.

Thank you.


Furo Giami