It was Steve Goodier, who said, “My scars remind me that I did indeed survive my deepest wounds.” Unlike, Goodier, Dr Ala Atubokiki Ibanibo’s scars garnered on the path to success, reminds him that his experience must serve as a reprieve for young businesses in search of the big break. It is in the light of this resolve that he has committed his life to mentoring and coaching young businesses and entrepreneurs. Dr Ibanibo, who has been named one of the top 20 Exceptional Professionals alive, was born to the family of Elder Beniah and Mrs Charity Atubokiki Ibanibo on the 12th of October, 1958. Recounting with nostalgia, he said, “we were a very poor family, so poor that my parents could not afford to send us to school at early childhood”.  His first encounter with formal education was in1963 at the Ogoloma Township school, but that too was disrupted by the Nigeria Civil war in 1968. He was to later complete his primary education at the then Abuloma/Amadi Central School in 1969.

Business was the surest bet for young Ibanibo since his desire to pursue a secondary education was punctuated by paucity of funds. He began his journey in the business world as a store boy at an office stationeries shop. He was welcomed into the steamy world of business with some strings of losses. These failures only helped to mould him into a better entrepreneur. In 1994, he re-strategized and remodelled his business which he then sold to a few friends and Geo-Fluids Limited was born.

Dr Ala Ibanibo believed that he was not living for himself only, and said: “My life is a gift from God and my gift to mankind is my life”. It is this belief that led to the formation of the Global Life Track Resources Centre, further confirming his reputation as a man of industry, high moral standards, and unrivalled philanthropy with a heart for the masses.

The centre is an intervention program for men and women desiring to put their dreams to work by doing what is best and the program has succeeded in helping men and women who have lost hope, bringing them back to their feet.

Founded with the mission to present the body of Christ with facilities across the country, the non-profit, Inter-Denominational Christian organization has provided churches with state of the art resources and help develop the church and leaders with business acumen.

The GLTRC is a platform for providing creative and new ways of sending the message of Christ across the Globe in every tribe and tongue, in other words, we are providing ‘THE TRACK FOR HIS KINGDOM BUSINESS’ with a distinctly distinct flair.

Although he is not oblivious to the growing trend of Google business drivers and mentors, he aims to make a difference with his wealth of experience garnered from setting up and managing thriving businesses in Nigeria and abroad.

With all that he has been able to achieve over the years, Dr Ala A. Ibanibo has never forgotten his days of little beginnings which is arguably the factor that drives him the most. He rose to his current level by being resilient and gaining prominence in business and leadership. It also positioned him to provide the answers to the many precarious questions confronting young businessmen and women.

The GLTRC has set a goal to help growing business people not only how to boost their businesses, but also how to be good Christians. This is reason why the mission of the centre is listed below as;

  • Equipping young Christian leaders and missionaries for the imminent global gospel impact.
  • Providing the needed platform for continental collaboration of the body of Christ as one body with one mandate of enthroning Jesus as the Lord of the Nations, expressing a unique dimension to the Gospel message.
  • To complement the churches and other Christian organizations by providing facilities, training and other resources needed for effective end time souls harvest.
  • Discovering and mentoring potential gospel financiers, young entrepreneurs and Business men & women.

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