National Cancer Survival Day

By Tanya Maswaure

“Cancer shaped me, but it did not define me. It’s part of me, but not all of me,” – Hoda Kotb

Cancer is one of the world’s largest health problems. The Global Burden of Disease estimates that 9.56 million people died prematurely as a result of cancer in 2017. Every sixth death in the world is due to cancer. Fortunately, this same research has also shown that due to awareness, early detection and improvements in treatment the rate of survival is increasing. We live amongst thousands of cancer survivors who have fought the battle and pulled through and the National Cancer Survival day is a celebration of these survivors.

Wembley Park Showcases New All-Women Art Trail

Across the world, Wembley has long been synonymous with the, often very male-dominated, beautiful game. What probably springs to mind for most of us is something along the lines of those infamous scenes from the Euro 2020 final: in other words, a lot of men and a lot of alcohol. For those living elsewhere in the capital who have only ever visited for sports matches or concerts, this might be all you know about the northwest London spot.

Revisiting the AMVCA: Female Led Categories on the Spotlight

By Victory Enokela

Filmmaking, production, costume design, scriptwriting, and role-play are some of the many ingredients that go into delivering a noteworthy movie, the rigour that goes into play can only be fully understood by the individuals themselves. The Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards is one of Africa’s great entertainment platforms that is determined to reward such hard work of the stakeholders in the film/ TV production value chain in the region. Driven with the aim to recognize and reward African content and talent, the AMVCA in no small way showcases the individual stories embedded in the rich African culture while shedding light on myths and giving voice to the truths of Africa.