Nigerian Jollof Rice


Growing up in different Nigerian communities, I never felt the heterogeneous nature much especially as it concerned the very scrumptious meals served at occasions. Oh…how I remember attending birthday parties of my peers. Through my teen days and up until adulthood, the story stayed the same. Believe it or not the constant factor was the steamy hot Jollof rice which had a hint of smoked firewood and that uniquely burnt bottom of the large three-legged pot. Those are unquenchable memories; lying indelible in many Nigerian hearts. Different parts of Africa come with their different methods of cooking Jollof rice but the Nigerian Jollof rice in its uniqueness has never failed to meet the needs of its ever hungry fans…little wonder people look forward to Saturdays- traditionally set aside for wedding ceremonies, to grab a plate of this tasty meal which is said to have a different taste from the home-made…