Amal al-Qubaisi


The year 2015 brought about a turnaround in the United Arab Emirate (UAE) for the women empowerment agenda,  as it recorded the first appointment of a woman as President of the country’s Federal National Council (FNC), making her the Arab world’s first woman to be elected to the role and her name is Amal al-Qubaisi She is first female leader of a national assembly in the United Arab Emirates and the Arab world. Before holding the position she was the chairwomen of the Abu Dhabi Education Council. She also served as first deputy speaker of the FNC and became the first woman to chair a council session in 2011; she was elected to be a member of FNC for Abu Dhabi and President of the education, youth, media and culture committee in 2007, She was also a member of health, labour and social affairs committee. In 2001, she was appointed…