By: Jessica Booth

There comes a point in every relationship when the exciting, butterflies-in-my-stomach, can’t-wait-to-hang-out-every-day feeling goes away, and is replaced by a more familiar, steady, and comfortable feeling. In the beginning, everything your significant other does is new and amazing. Once you’ve been dating for a while, you become less surprised, and you settle into a routine. And yes, even if you love the person very much, this can get boring.


But don’t stress: boring doesn’t automatically mean your relationship is over. It may just mean you need to put a little more effort into making things fun again. If your partner has been boring you lately but you don’t want to end things, read these tips on how to deal:

  • Seriously Think About the Relationship

Think about why you’re bored: have you guys been stuck in a slump? Or are you just bored by him in general? This could possibly be a sign that maybe you need to break it up, but usually, it’s just a sign that things have slowed down and you’re having trouble adjusting. If you’re generally happy with him, and you really like him, don’t think this means the relationship needs to end.

  • Tell Him How You Feel

Be honest with your partner. You don’t have to be like, “Ugh, I’m so BORED by our relationship, you’re boring me.” You can say something like, “I love just relaxing and hanging with you, but I feel like we need to start doing some new things. I’m starting to get a little bored doing the same thing all the time, and I think this will really help make our relationship stronger.” Maybe he feels the same way. Either way, it’s important to communicate about this

  • Plan a Weekly Date Night

Start scheduling date nights so that you guys have something to look forward to. Once a week, or once every two weeks, go out on a specific day. You can go out to dinner, go get coffee, see a movie… whatever. It’s nice to have something to look forward to, and it will make your relaxing nights even more enjoyable.

  • Consider Cutting Down on the Time You Spend Together

It’s possible that you guys are just spending way too much time together. If you’re with each other every day, that can get repetitive fast. Maybe you need to see each other a little less, and add a little mystery to your relationship. Build up the anticipation to make hangouts more exciting.

  • Go Away For a Weekend

If it’s possible, plan a quick weekend trip together, even if it’s just an hour away. Going on vacation with your partner is fun and exciting, and usually puts a spark back into your relationship.

  • Plan Something Exciting For the Near Future

If going away together right away isn’t possible, plan a trip for the future. Or if you can’t go on vacation together at all, buy tickets to a concert, or something like that. Having something to look forward to will give you guys something to talk about and be excited about together.

  • Hang Out With Your Friends on Your Own More


Maybe you’re just bored with life in general. Try doing more things on your own, like hanging out with your girlfriends or getting into hobbies you like. It doesn’t mean you have to push your partner away, it just means you should put more focus on yourself.

  • Hang Out With Mutual Friends

Instead of always doing the things just the two of you, start hanging out with mutual friends more often. If you don’t have any, try to make some. Sometimes being around other people when you hang out can make things better, because when you are alone, it’s more special. Plus, hanging out with groups of people is fun!

  • Make More Compromises

Make an effort to do more things he likes, even if it isn’t exactly what you would pick to do. He should do the same for you. Work together to get rid of this bored feeling, and I bet you’ll be successful.


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