While trying to decide on a topic to discuss in this session, I stumbled upon a discussion on StraightTalkAdvice, A concerned parent had come to the panel to find out what it means, when a teenage girl starts shaving/waxing her pubic hairs. Initially, I found that question quite strange, but after going through the discussion, I got a clearer picture.

I remember my mum asking me once, why I wax my legs, Huh? I thought of all the strange questions she had ever asked, that was by far, the most ridiculous; why do I shave my legs? She could clearly see that I had so much hair right from when I hit puberty. Was I supposed to go about looking like a baboon? I thought. Stumbling on this discussion so many years later, I finally get where she’s coming from. So let’s have it; her question –

Dear Straight Talk: I don’t know who to talk to. I walked in on my daughter (17), undressing, and couldn’t help but see that she shaves her pubic hair. I didn’t say a thing and decided to write you instead. Are all the girls her age doing this? Or is this a sign that my daughter is promiscuous? Thank you for this column. I read it every week.“Helen,” Monterey, Calif.


Here are some of the answers she received;

Most people I know shave or wax. It is normal and starts as early as eighth grade. I wouldn’t judge anyone for it. – Taylor 15

This is so normal it’s not funny. It’s a hygiene thing — plus, who wants a hair line near your bikini? My mom knows I shave/wax. I didn’t hide it and she didn’t say anything. Grooming yourself doesn’t mean you’re promiscuous; that’s just silly. – Katie 18

Starting in high school, roughly nine in 10 women shave or wax all their pubic hair. It’s been the norm since I was 14. I’d say about one in four young men do it, too. It does not mean a woman is more sexually active! Most men under 25 prefer a woman without hair. Yet, some of my older male friends speak poorly about it, saying it makes grown women look childlike. – Nicole 22

Shaving or waxing doesn’t necessarily mean anything. I’ve been shaving since I was 14 just to be more hygienic. I’m a virgin and plan to be until I get married. – Jayne 21


Just about every girl I know does it — and if they haven’t done it before freshmen year of high school, they will. It’s hard to wear a bikini otherwise, as they just get smaller and smaller. I wouldn’t be worried about it. – Brennan 19

I’ve known several girls (and guys) who shave to ease with cleaning and “down there” odor. It’s pretty common. – Brandon 20

Finally Lauren Forcella, the moderator of Straight talk says, though shaving is sometimes confused for “Free Love” this is not always the case.


As we can Cleary see from the panel above, shaving or waxing of body hairs is more about hygiene and a trend for teens and not about being sexually active. Guess today’s education is for the parents and guardians. The message is, don’t make a fuss about it, no teen wants to walk around with hair sticking out of the bikini line, so Chill out.

We mustn’t forget though that waxing/shaving have got their little shortcomings, but that’s a discussion for another day.




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