Mrs. Leen has just discovered that she has to put up with Catherine’s new attitude and choices which include; spending more time with her friends than mum, suddenly becoming very secretive, isolation, and a very short temper.  This situation is not peculiar to Mrs. Leen. Most mothers of teenage daughters are facing or will face this predicament some time.

The thoughts of parenting a teenager can be scary for most mothers. This is the point where you get fired as the boss in their lives. Notwithstanding, if you have done a great job you could also get rehired as a trusted friend and advisor, then if you continue to do a good job, your teen may even take your advice for every of her life decision.

It is therefore very important for mothers of teenagers to possess some very vital skills, which will keep them on the prestigious pedestal as impactful leaders, advisors, friend and best mothers to their teenage daughters.   

Here are 4 Vital Skills to be possessed by mothers of teenagers

1. The Skill of Patience & Persistence: If you are ready to raise a teenager then you must be ready to get pushed to the wall.  As a mother of teens, be prepared to see your teenage daughter break your rules as well as get mad at you for no just cause. Nevertheless, you must never run out of patience no matter what, you must continue to persist on the rules and the need for it to be obeyed to the later. Smart mothers with teenage children always make enough room for their young girls’ mistakes as this enables them to parent their teenage daughter with the required patience and persistence. Persistence here involves being firm on your decisions, rules and even sanctions. In parenting a teenage girl, you must be decisive enough about your laid down rules as well as patient enough to see it being followed up.

2. The Skill of Absolute Trust:  Mothers who wish to build a healthy and highly impactful relationship with their teenagers will try their best to always showcase the skill of absolute trust in their teenage daughters.  The character of being a nosy mum is highly detested especially when relating to teenagers. The skill of trust promotes openness in the relationship between a mother and her teenage daughter. Trust also involves that you believe the best for your teen daughter so you don’t always put on the glasses of suspicion each time you are relating with her.

3. Quick to Adopt the Mirror Method:  Those who have successfully passed through the stage of raising teenage girls have in one way or the other employed the mirror method in the upbringing of their daughters. Gone are the days when teenagers want to be brought up with the adage of “Do what I say and not what I do”.  The best way to instill the right lifestyle in your teenager is by becoming a model of the best attitudes she should emulate.  The mirror method involves living out an exemplary lifestyle, in which your teenage daughter will follow suit. In this 21st century, teenagers no longer want to do as they are told rather they love to pattern after what they see.  A smart mum who wants the best for her teenage daughter will always work to remain the standing mirror that reflects a well-cultured life for her teenager.

4. Keep Your Emotions Intact: Showing a teenager the routes to becoming caring, independent and emerging into a responsible adult is definitely not an easy task. This task can almost rob you of your emotional stability but you have the duty of keeping your emotions intact. It is true she might roll her eyes so much that you’ll swear they might get stuck in the back of her head at some point but rather than raising your voice in order to prove your point, it is far better to calm down and resolve every issue with a discussion.

Trust me parenting a teenage daughter can be so frustrating sometimes, nevertheless, mothers of these teen girls must braze up themselves, recognizing the fact that teenage years are also the most impactful and interesting stage in parenting a child.

 By: Eloke-Young Splendor

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