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More than 85% of women in the North are well educated- Dr. Mrs. Hannatu Adamu Fika

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Commitments toward formally educating girls in northern Nigeria dates back to almost seventy years. And from the mid–eighties to date, there have been more than 10 government policies, mandates, and programs, made to improve and encourage girl child education. What are the effects of this age long commitments on recent statistics and how are Northern Nigerian women faring?

Amazons Watch magazine had an exclusive interview with Dr. Mrs. Hannatu Adamu Fika, Executive Secretary /CEO, Federal Government Staff Housing Loans Board, Nigeria, where she bares her thoughts on the issues ranging from the education of Northern  women, leadership and stories of her travails and achievements in her journey to the top of Nigeria Civil Service.

Dr. Fika is audacious and unrelenting in the pursuit of her dreams. 

Click on this link to  read her inspiring story.

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