The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, Nadezhda Savchenko, has said that she would take part in the presidential elections in Ukraine and intends to hold representatives of her own party in the parliament following her party registration a week ago.


“To participate in the presidential campaign, in fact, you need a little – 2.5 million USD to register. The fund is being opened, and it is honestly said: I am collecting money for the presidency. I will take part, but as it will be seen later”. Savchenko said in response to a question on her intention to run for the presidency of Ukraine.


Earlier, on July 19, Savchenko registered her party in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine – The Social and Political Platform of Nadezhda Savchenko. She stressed that the party is not a specially created “political force” for it, but “aims to change the political system of Ukraine in a constitutional way.”


According to a public opinion poll carried out by the Kiev sociological group “Rating” at the end of May, less than 2% of respondents were ready to give their votes for Savchenko. “This is among those who have already announced their desire to participate in the presidential election. Among all the respondents, its indicator is even lower – 1.3%, “RBC’s rating director Alexei Antipovich said. According to him, the level of confidence in it is also extremely low – “only [1%] trust [Savchenko] completely, about 10% are more likely to be trusted. The level of distrust of Nadezhda Savchenko is now 78%. ”


Ukrainian political analyst Mikhail Pogrebinsky believes that the attempt to run for the presidency for Savchenko will be a chance to gain a foothold in Ukrainian politics and means that she has found people ready to finance her campaign.


“Since she claims that she will run, probably she found some sponsors. It is impossible to start without sponsors. It has some popularity in the country, and if there is a strong campaign and funding, it will get a chance to compete [in the presidential elections in Ukraine], “explained Pogrebinsky RBC. According to him, this can also have a good effect on her future political career. “She can then lead her party to parliament,” he added.


Political scientist Vadim Samodurov told RBC that Savchenko “has great potential,” and participation in the presidential elections for her is an opportunity to gain political weight. “I think that if desired, it can attract a pretty large percentage of the electorate. For her [participation in elections] is the prospect of gaining a foothold in politics, because Poroshenko’s time is running out, “Samodurov said.


According to him, there are no reasons to believe that Savchenko has managed to find financing or that there is a certain group behind it. “Perhaps she took this step and is waiting for someone to take her under her wing and under her care,” Samodurov suggested. “It will be possible to talk about who will supervise Savchenko and under whose violin she will play, in a few weeks. We will see some movements that will allow us to say in which team it is working, “the political scientist explained.


She announced her readiness to become president of Ukraine in February 2017 during the talk show “People Hard Talk LIVE “on channel 112 Ukraine. Then she said that she had no desire to be president, but she noted that she could become “if needed”.


“It’s hard, it’s a big responsibility,” she said then and added that in the future she sees herself as a “happy Ukrainian.”


It will be recalled that Nadezhda Savchenko had been accused of a number of crimes in the past and had faced trial.



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