Xhosa Prince Xhanti Sigcawu has recently supported his brother King Mphendulo’s stance that former AU commission chairperson Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma may be too “delicate” to lead the country.

In an interview with News24, Sigcawu said he agreed with King Mphendulo Sigcawu that the country might not be ready for a woman president.

“The King said he wonders, with women’s vulnerability, will she be able to handle the role? Men have been struggling with the job. It’s a question that we need to ask. This was not directed purely at Dlamini-Zuma, it’s to all women.”

When Dlamini Zuma visited Sigcawu’s Nqadu great place near Willowvale recently, The Daily Dispatch reported that Sigcawu told Dlamini-Zuma that the country was not ready for a woman president.

“He said that women are delicate. We need to make sure that we made a good decision so that we don’t regret it tomorrow. He doesn’t say she can’t lead, but he is putting his view that this job is not easy. We need to make sure a woman is able to take on the role.”

Prince Xhanti said he realised the country found King Sigcawu’s opinions sexist.

“We know what people think after media reports. He didn’t say she is not fit. The king welcomes queens and females chiefs.”

Dlamini-Zuma has been touted as one of the front-runners to become ANC president. The ANC will elect new leadership at its national elective conference in December.

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