By: Molly Hennessy-Fiske


As Saudi Arabia’s ambitious economic and social reform plan initiated by Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman takes shape, some Saudi women are just now realizing that many social practices in the kingdom are not enshrined in law.

Saudi lawyer Nasreen Issa, 30, recently created an app for iPhone and Android called “Know Your Rights” after more and more women approached her for clarification.

The app is in both Arabic and English, designed for both Saudis and foreign women living in or visiting the kingdom.

There’s an intro video explaining women’s basic rights, and icons to help navigate the legal system, which relies in part on Islamic religious law, or Sharia.

According to the lawyer, this idea was born out of the desire to meet the needs of a lot of women who until this time do not know their writes. “I thought since everyone uses apps on their phone, it will help a lot,” she said.

The app currently has about 30,000 downloads.


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