By Ballah M. Kollie

The Executive Director of Community Healthcare, Naomi Solanke, has cautioned that women will only support aspirants who will champion their cause and concerns in their political manifestoes.

“If our agenda is not inclusive in terms of what we support at the grassroots levels of women, we are not going to carry you,” she stressed.

She sounded the caution at the start of a three-day Feminist Agenda Setting meeting funded by Urgent Action Fund Africa held at a local hotel in Monrovia.

Solanke said she expects that after the workshop participants will return to their respective communities and sensitize other women on the matter.

According to her, women will continue to push local actors and make them knowledgeable of the need to continuously protect women, even after the presidential tenure of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

“She has played her part and is about to leave; so the challenge is ours to hold on to the protection of women in our beloved country, Liberia,” Solanke emphasized.

With support from Urgent Action Fund Africa, the women will in the three days discuss issues affecting women, girls education and at the end of the workshop carve a resolution in the form of policies and agendas to be presented to the next president for consideration.

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