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How Sports Can Help to Drive Gender Equality, Confidence Among Women and Girls – Anita Among

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“Sports have the ability to drive gender equality by teaching women and girls teamwork, self-reliance, resilience and confidence to compete favourably with men, according to Ugandan Accountant, lawyer and politician.”

Anita Among said this after a football game between Kampala Queens FC and Olila High school FC in the FUFA Women Super League at FUFA Technical Centre Njeru.

She explained that this initiative is vital and will help defy gender stereotypes and social norms, which has been the order of the day.

“Women have unmatched potential in sports. We can close the inequality gap between men and women if we get involved in such games that are predominantly known to men. I call upon other women to follow suit,” she said.

Among pledged to lobby for more support for the sports fraternity, especially to the benefit of the girl child, which she said will reduce the gender imbalance that exists when it comes to the participation rate in sports.

FUFA president Moses Mogogo, who also witnessed the game that climaxed with a 2-0 win in favour of Kampala Queens, commended the speaker for her unwavering efforts in supporting talent in Uganda.

The FUFA Women’s Super League is among the top women’s domestic football leagues in Uganda that the Federation of Uganda Football Associations sanctions

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