Fight Against Gender-based Violence Continue as Algeria Launches First Mobile App to Monitor Incidents

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In the fight against gender-based violence and support for its victims, the Association Djazairouna has launched Algeria’s first mobile app to document and monitor the incidents of violence against women due to the lack of official statistics and figures on the happenings of violence against women.

The app aims to support victims of gender-based violence. In an interview with the press, Hayat Ait Aba, project manager and legal advisor at the Association Djazairouna, said, “This app is Algeria’s first mobile app for women and girls to report violence. The app will be officially activated in the next few days. We aim to fight domestic and gender-based violence by launching this app. Victims of violence will be able to report incidents through this app.”

The app will include much information for victims of gender-based violence. Hayat Ait Aba said, “The application contains all emergency numbers such as the phone number of helpline centres, women’s shelters and women’s associations that help women and girls who are victims of violence. The app advises women and girls about what they should do when they are subjected to violence.”

The association works coordinately with other organisations

Underlining that the Association Djazairouna has been working coordinately with other organisations and associations to support women and girls, victims of violence, Hayat Ait Aba stressed, “NGOs and government institutions will also use this app to get the number of women and girls who are victims of violence in order to draw up a reliable report.”

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