African First Ladies have been called to intensify efforts in advocating changes in attitude and cultural norms as well as removal of legal and political barriers that stand in the way of the continent’s transformation, Ethiopia’s First Lady said.

Speaking recently at the 18th Ordinary General Assembly of the Organization of African First Ladies against HIV/AIDS (OAFL), First Lady Roman Tesfaye said African First ladies are increasingly using their role and influence to bring about changes nationally and internationally.

She said “we, First Ladies of Africa take pride in our individuals and collective contributions to the encouraging socio-economic and political strides Africa is making.”

African First ladies should not be considered as treating symptoms of social and economic problems or only reaching out of humanitarian causes, the First Lady added.

“Our advocacy should continue to be geared towards addressing the root causes of the problems our society is facing,” she indicated.

According to her, OAFL has been growing stronger in terms of its reach and impact towards its core missions of supporting national efforts of eliminating HIV/AIDS as well as improving maternal and child health in Africa.

Furthermore, she noted that African Ladies should continue to leverage their role and use their influence to facilitate sustainable solutions to the multitude challenges the people are facing every day.

Malawi’s First Lady and President of OAFL, Gertrude Mutharika, stated that African First Ladies should play their roles in advocating for women and youth to fight HIV/AIDS in the continent.

She further said they should play their role in empowering women and enhancing their engagement in the economic development of the continent.

The Organization of African First Ladies against HIV/Aids (OAFL) has also celebrated its 15th anniversary, it was indicated.


Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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