By Miracle Nwankwo

Despite the rising cases of rape in Africa there seems to be a growing number of activists who inspire us to foresee an Africa free of violence against women, a future where women have been healed from the stigmas of rape and are confident to be the women they want to be without being drawn back by pain or hurt. West Africa has several women in that sphere, including Oluwaseun Ayodeji Osowobi, a rape and a COVID-19 survivor.

By Kembet Bolton

Generally, relationships come with their ups and downs, but it becomes even tougher for a long-distance relationship. People in long-distance relationships are on a different lane from people in short-distance relationships, as the distance can create some unique challenges that might put pressure on the relationship, and if not handled carefully, can actually destroy what could have potentially been “A happy ever after’’ story

Coping in a step family setting…

Kembet Bolton

Most parents will agree that one of the most difficult parts of parenting is knowing how to apply age-appropriate discipline to their kids. A part from the Christian holy book states that” no discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful”. This underscores the fact that most humans, be it kids or adults, will resent discipline at the time it is being meted out.

By Miracle Nwankwo

“I’ve dedicated my life to empowering girls of colour to get into surfing and to find the peace that they need through the sport”

Imani Wilmot

We all make decisions at some point in our lives that could determine our future and that of other people. When the decisions we make affect the lives of other people positively, we contribute to the global sustainable development goals thus making the world a better place.

World over, there are more than 821 million people who regularly go to bed hungry, out of which over 100 million suffer from acute hunger, largely due to man-made conflicts, climate change and economic downturns. These are the people who have been drastically impacted by the economic and physical consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has moreover adversely increased the depth of hunger globally.