We all work hard. However, there is a zeal that characterizes female entrepreneurs which can be seen as all-consuming. We can be tough to live with, no doubt about it. Family is precious and how you relate and communicate during the building and growth of your enterprise is vital.

Here are 6 steps you should be taking to reinforce the importance and value of your family during the many phases of your business cycle:

  1. Foster Understanding

Families and loved ones need to understand the “why” of this all-consuming mission. Most often creating a better world motivates us. As an entrepreneur, you need to articulate and explain to your family why you have this dream and what you hope to accomplish.

  1. Make Family Part of Your Dialogue

Entrepreneurs tend to isolate themselves. Your ideas and visions take seed in your head or your heart, but families have a need for inclusion and must be part of the dialogue. They have important insights that will help shape and give life to your ideas. Empowered family members translate to support, partnership and a willingness to make concessions.

  1. Be Clear on Expectations

Be forthright in explaining the various phases of your business and what it means for your availability. Transparency entails sharing how this will be disruptive and cyclical. There will be periods where you as an entrepreneur will be absent; keeping your family appraised will allow them to have realistic expectations.

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  1. Take a Pulse

You are motivated to make a difference. Along this journey, your family may view you as distracted or not fully present. Perhaps you have missed one too many school plays, soccer games or family dinners. You should check-in and ask your family how they are managing with the various phases of your entrepreneurial pursuit. This allows you to show thoughtfulness and provides an opportunity for you to recalibrate.

  1. Be Present

When you are with your family, make sure you give the same level of focus, devotion and attention as you do to your business. They need your love and if they feel central they will more likely forgive or make allowances for your absence.

  1. Celebrate Your Wins as a Family

Families are doing the tough slugging with you. They are picking up the slack on many fronts; your wins are their wins, so shower them with your affection and gratitude. After all, your achievements are family-owned too.

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