Tailored Business, an African-based show, highlighting African business leaders and Entrepreneurs has recently released its first episode and its new website www.tailoredbusinesstv.com.

The show is hosted by Rwandan, Tania Habimana, who is touted as the person responsible for bringing luxury menswear brand, Suitsupply, to Africa. The show highlights her skills as a young female tailor, businesswoman and aspiring entrepreneur.

“I make made-to-measure suits for established business people and use this opportunity to interview, gain insights, and advice from successful Africans who have overcome challenges inside and outside the African continent,” she said. “Speaking to all these entrepreneurs from different industries, not only guides me in how to grow my own business but also illustrates to us all the diverse opportunities that exist in Africa”

Habimana is no stranger to the entertainment industry. She had in her youth years led a side career as a blogger/writer for European publications, which published articles on a wide range of African topics. This included promoting a positive Africa, as well as lifestyle, fashion and entertainment for the African diaspora. “There is a big difference between Africa my parents talked about and the one I witnessed, versus the continent that I saw portrayed in the media and at school growing up. We all need to see the version that no ones speak about: the version that sits in the middle between ‘a continent on the rise’ and a ‘desperate continent’, the true version.”

A partnership between Tailored Business and the airline, KLM’s “Club Africa.” has been concluded.

Tailored Business and KLM will be co-hosting business networking events across Africa and in particular in Lagos, Nairobi, Kigali, Accra, Johannesburg and Abidjan, under the Tailored Business x Club Africa brand name. KLM’s Club Africa is a business-networking platform dedicated to uniting Africa’s business professionals.

Tailored Business has received interest from CNBC, Trace TV, Netflix, and BBC Africa, however, are still in final negotiation.

Tailored Business is looking for entrepreneurs in Africa and/or of African origin?

Please help us find them. We’re looking for inspiring stories from:

– Entrepreneurs in Africa or of African origin
– Within technology & innovation, arts, sports, engineering or retail industry
– Operating in more than 3 Sub-Sahara African countries or having demonstrated asubstantial influence within 1 single country
– Turnover more than $1 million USD per annum.

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