Oluwa Damilola Otugbaga is the CEO of Prissy Accessories, a fashion accessory and jewellery company that specializes in bead making. This industrious young and intelligent woman is a typical example of beauty and brains.

A lover of the art and crafts, Otugbaga pursued her passion in the art of bead making after completion of her University degree in International Relations, in 2008. Focusing on her passion for bead making, Otugbaga turned her passion into a profitable business, designing unique and beautiful jewelry for her female clientele with adorable styles and colours.

In November 2012, her dedication and hard work birthed her fashion accessory and Jewelry company, Prissy Accessories. Churning out tastefully crafted accessories with a variety of semi-precious stones like corals, pearls, crystal etc. Prissy has become a household name in Western Nigeria, offering unique products and training personnel in the art of bead making.

Over the last five years in business, she has built a huge portfolio of designs and style pattern. She has gained recognition among other bead making companies. And her clientele base is constantly on the rise as the creative Otugbaga is constantly updating her designs and acquiring new skills and moving along with new trends in fashion.

To Otugbaga, Prissy Accessories is not just an escape from unemployment in the society, but a means of reducing the rate of unemployment by making her own impact in society.

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