India has a handful of successful female entrepreneurs who are making waves in different fields of business; one of these women is Suchi Mukherjee.

Suchi Mukherjee is a founder and CEO of LimeRoad, born in the year 1973 into a middle-class family in India. She studied economics at the school of Cambridge and completed her Masters in Economics and Finance from London School of Economics.

During one of her maternity leaves, she began to think deeply on how to move forward as she had always wanted to start up her own business. Her motive was to make an impact in the society that could ease livelihood and fill the gap in society.

Suchi had worked with many companies and in each of those companies, she held a high profile. She was known to be very hardworking and industrious.

After she finished her master’s degree, she got her first job as a Senior Associate for Corporate Finance in Lehman Brothers Inc in 1998. She was glad at that fortune and she worked to increase both herself and the company for five years before she left.  

Afterwards, she stepped out of her comfort zone to the media industry. She worked with Telecoms Media technology and Financial Institutions. Working with a media firm was very adventurous for Suchi; she had beautiful and rich experiences there.

After some years, she got another job with Virgin Media to work as a Director of Change and Business Development. She was later promoted as a member of the Consumer Division Management Team and lots of promotions kept coming.

With all of these experiences and success, Suchi was still not satisfied. The place of independent kept calling for her; she wanted something of her own, and a direct impact on the society. It was in the place of deep thinking that was birth.

Limeroad is a social-commerce site where products are shared and shopped for and are targeted directly to the women communities mainly in India.

The Limeroad site provides unconventional, very unique and interesting lifestyle products with numerous categories ranging from apparels to accessories, home and non-perishable food gathered from collected specific retailers who are mostly manufacturers of their products across India.

The site has a unique method that differentiates it from others in the sense that it uses an exclusive scrapbooking method that involves marketing the products that are manufactured by those who use the site.

Suchi’s idea for Limeroad was to bridge the gap between commodities and customers. She had discovered that while flipping through a magazine or surfing the internet, one could find clothes and accessories that are not within the country and getting it is a problem. She also realised that there was no consumer online market where goods are sold online. So her idea was to make Limeroad a platform of selling affordable lifestyle products in an extremely easy to discover interface.

Satisfied with the fact that her country made good lifestyle product she moved down to India to set up Limeroad in 2012.   

Although she had a few challenges which amounted to great achievements over time, she has built Limeroad into what it is today – a prominent online market.

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