Vivy Sofinas Yusof is among those Malaysian entrepreneurs that managed to achieve success in such a young age. At the same time, she is also a model, blogger, fashion icon, a mother to two and an important person in the Malaysian online business world.

Vivy who was born in Kajang, Selangor is currently 28 years old and is the co-founder of Fashion Valet, one of the popular multi-label online sites in Asia. She runs Fashion Valet with his husband Fadzaruddin Anuar who holds the Chief Executive Officer position in the company.

A blogger at her own blog,, Vivy has been writing there for more than seven years starting from her college days in London. She blogs about everything there, especially about her love, live, career, family and now motherhood. Being a working mum, Vivy Yusof knows how to balance her time between family and her team at Fashion Valet. When she is at home she will focus on her children while when she is at work, she will focus on her team.

Vivy does not have a background in business nor in the world of fashion. Instead, she was a law graduate from London School of Economics, while her husband studied aerospace engineering. However, being a lady and taking her living experience in England where she loves to shop brands such as Topshop and Zara during her stay there, she got interested in the fashion field. Due to this, the interest to start her own fashion-related business escalating, thus FashionValet was born in 2010. Currently, she’s the chief creative officer in Fashion Valet.

Fashion Valet was kick-started with RM100,000 and launched in November 2010 with only 10 local brands participating at first. However, now Vivy and her husband have 30 employees and stocks more than 400 brands from all across Southeast Asia.

Fashion Valet does not only focus on the market in Malaysia but also in Indonesia, Brunei, Australia and the United Kingdom. Fashion Valet explores the concept of fashion to give something special and the best service to customers.

FashionValet offers a wide range of fashion apparel and accessories from local artwork design as well as designers outside of Malaysia such as Minz, Gallo by Thian, PU3, Sereni & Shentel, Mimpikita, Dusk till Dawn and many more. Fashion clothes in FashionValet selling price start from RM170 and above. Vivy recognized that the price of products sold in FashionValet is quite expensive but they hold to the principle of providing quality products to customers. FashionValet has a special team in charge of the quality of all of the products sold in FashionValet.

Not stopping at there, being a Muslim Women herself, Vivy expands her business from just selling clothes, to have her own brand of scarves, the dUCk scarves. Other than that, she also ventured into the selling of the stationeries, namely the dUCk stationery that offers planners of a variety of designs suitable for her customers that are mostly women. Together with the clothes selling, both dUCk scarves and dUCk stationery always received overwhelming support from customers and are often being sold out once launched.

To maintain the quality of the products in Fashion Valet, there are four important characteristics such as price, consistency, quality and track record of a fashion designer. However, at the same time, they always support the new fashion designers who want to create a new name in the local fashion industry.

A mother, model and mogul, Vivy Yusof, as the co-founder of the multimillion-dollar online retail Fashion Valet, is an icon in her own right. Vivy is also among the growing number of Malaysian women who are trying to revolutionise the hijab’s contentious image.



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