In recent times, women have been able to take bold steps towards becoming different and making an impact in their generation by taking on unique roles which before now was exclusive to men. These women put in their time, resources and energy, not neglecting their core roles as wife and mother, and have recorded some level of success in their pursuit for a better more fulfilling life.

Mallika Srinvasis is a perfect example of a woman who has made a strong mark in a male-dominated industry. She is known as the “tractor queen”. Blessed with good parents, and a father who always encouraged her to focus on her studies.

Growing up, Mallika was always full of determination. She was known to be a bright student and admired for her hard work. As the eldest child of the family, she was trained to take responsibilities. She took destiny into her hands and ran with it.

Mallika’s father had wanted her to study literature but she had her heart fixed on other things. When she secured admission into Wharton Business School to study for an MBA, she left Pennsylvania with her baby and her mother to pursue the degree.


After schooling, Mallika wanted to take up a job in any smallholding company of the Amalgamation Group, but her father insisted that she joined the family business as the general manager of tractors and farm Equipment Company. With her efforts and intelligence, the company became the second-largest manufacturer of tractors and the third-largest in the world.

She has received various awards which include India’s businesswoman of the year, given to her from the BBC in 1999, Business Leadership Award in 2005 her most recent and trending award the Padma Shri award for Trade and Industry category from Government of India for the year 2014.

After she lost her father in 2011, she became the chairman and CEO of TAFE which is situated in Chennai, India. She is married to Mr Venu Srinivasan, the current chairman of TVS Motors Company. And they are blessed with two children.

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