While growing up, Rapelang Rabana had too many dreams, she wanted to become anything that inspired her at the moment. From being a ballerina to becoming a doctor, and then an astronaut. She was always fantasizing about different career lines until her final year at the university when she made up her mind on what she really wanted to do.

She was born in Gaborone, Botswana but a native of South Africa. She had her early education in Gaborone and when her family moved to Johannesburg she continued her schooling there. In 2005, Rapelang graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Science from the University of Cape Town.

As Rapelang’s graduating date got closer she began to brood on what she wanted to focus on in her career, she didn’t want to end up like an “autopilot”. She wanted to do something that will inspire and motivate her, something that will make life interesting for her. After several thoughts on what she could do, she realised that computer science holds a special attraction to her, and also as a student she had been doing excellently well in the field. She ventured into the computer science field working with people and helping them grow their business. She co-founded the first free VoIP mobile services provider in South Africa, Yeigo Communications.

Repalang founded rekindle learning in 2013 an online educational company that focuses on mobile and computer learning solutions to enable individuals to gain academic mastery and measurement in corporate and schooling environments.

Rekindle learning aims at bringing education and literacy closer to the palms of people through mobile and learning applications, collective online and school learning and training.

Rapelang’s idea is to ease the learning process for all levels of education; she wanted a convenient platform where readers could excel academically without the frustration that comes with educational processes. Rekindle learning process gives the learner an avenue to learn at their own pace.

Although rekindle learning is doing well both in the educational sector and business world, Rapelang hopes to advance in reaching out to all fields of the human profession all over the world.  Having excelled in her work, she was named one of the Entrepreneurs of the World by the World Entrepreneurship Forum in 2014 and other nominations.

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