Kalpana Morpania was born on the 30th of May 1949 in India. She had lost her father at the early stage of her life and was forced to focus on her studies and consider marriage afterwards.

Morpania was zealous with her education and when she was 16 years old, she completed her secondary education. She was determined to further so she enrolled for a science course in Sophia College of Women and in 1970, she graduated with a B.Sc. in science.

After obtaining her B.Sc. degree, Morpania took up a teaching job, but due to some complications in communication, she withdrew for some months. However, she continued to crave for the peak. She began to plan on pursuing a degree in law. At that time, she had a sister who was a lawyer and was working with a solicitor’s firm in India. Seeing her sister’s success and progress, Morpania was encouraged to run with the vision. She enrolled in a law college in Bombay, India and was admitted to the school. During her studies in Law College, she got married to Jaisingh and the couple had a wonderful wedding ceremony.

Morpania graduated from Law College in 1974, rather than stay at home doing nothing she proceeds to apply for a job without any pay in a law firm called Matubhai Jamiyatram and Madon. This must have been a stupid decision to anyone who thought about it but it was a step to her greatness. Morpania wanted a career and a throne so she put in her best to make it happen.

Following her first interview with the firm’s management in 1975, the company started designating major responsibilities to her. She was tested and trusted by the company’s management and when she was confirmed perfect in 1991, she was sent to the United States to study the capital market.

This became a great achievement to Morpania, she became a master in negotiation. She negotiated joint ventures for the company and within a short period, she became the image behind the creation of ICICI bank.

She worked in the legal department of ICICI from 1975 to 1994. She became the general manager of the bank in 1996-1998. In 1998, she became senior general manager of ICICI and in 2001, she joined the board of directors.

In 2002, the members of the board appointed her as the executive director.

Currently, she is the Chief Executive Officer of JP Morgan India, the Indian extension of a 2.1 trillion dollar American company.

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