Entrepreneurial activities cut across all facets of life as opposed to the belief that it revolves around handcrafts and other skilled labour. One of the qualities of an entrepreneur is the ability to innovate new ideas while bearing all risks and reward of such a project. Rajan Kaur Saini falls into this category has seen some of the shortfalls of her immediate environment and deciding against all odds to make an impact. Here is her story:

Rajan Kaur Saini grew up in Calcutta the capital of West Bengal State in India. She has a compassionate spirit and a kind heart. As a child, Rajan will always give food to beggars as she walked to school every morning.

After she got married, she and her husband moved to a little village in Bengal and settled there. Rajan soon got a job as a teacher in a private school but as she walked to school every morning she noticed that there were children in the village who do not go to school. Rajan began tutoring these village children; she dedicated her time teaching with love and compassion, creating openness in the minds of these children.

In 2003, she founded the Buddha’s Smile School (BSS) in Varanasi in India, where she feeds, educate, and nurture over 350children who were living their lives in poverty, ignorance and abuse. These children lived in leaky and thatched houses, flooded for a large part of the year due to the monsoon- seasonal reversing wind accompanied by corresponding changes in precipitation.

Rajan saw the future in these children who had been dejected and decided to breathe life into them again- giving them the opportunity to break away from their poverty-stricken lives and emerge as Indians most vital and confident members of society.


With the help of her husband Sukhdev who runs the family restaurant attached to BSS, the children are provided with food and funds to the school. Buddha’s smile school is more than a school because although the required subjects like Math, English and other extracurricular classes like dance and painting are taught, Rajan and her teachers encourage the children to fight against superstition, discrimination and hate while fostering an atmosphere of love, kindness, and healing. 

These children are taught to see beyond their background and dream bigger.  

Rajan kaur saini is a mother figure building the lives of the abused children in Varanasi with education, hope and love. Rajan is challenged every day with motivating these children to come to school so that they can create a brighter future for themselves. She is still touching lives and giving them a reason to smile.

People from all walks of life travel to Varanasi India where the school is located to visit the children and render support to the school.

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