A young wise woman once said, “At the core of us is a desire to do what is right, good and just, the sacrifice may be big, and the risks might be daunting, but the rewards are worth it.”

This statement rings true, as many great people have confirmed. When we stay on the right path, our humble beginnings serve as a pointer to an amazing future, and this is the story of Annabel Biggar-David, Founder, and CEO, of Organico; an Essential Oil Company situated in Cape Town – South Africa.

Just like many great people, Annabel had a rough beginning. Her father was a murderer, drug addict, and paedophile, and it took her testimony to put him in behind bars. Being a disadvantaged woman of colour, Annabel grew up on the Cape Flats (an area, situated in the southeast of the central business district of Cape Town and largely inhabited by non-whites), where studying further was not an option.

She started her first business when she was nine years old, making fudge, and eventually expanded her business to toffee apples. Though she was known to be a very brilliant student with a seemingly bright future, a university education did not seem to be in the books for her as life curtailed her ambition to study further.

However, Annabel never letting anything stop her, a go-getter and a pathfinder; she took her life into her hands and ran with it. She got a job and was able to support her family while carrying on her little business. The business soon evolved into making dream catchers and candles which she sold to shops and her colleagues.  She began to make progress and profits as she continued with the hustle, knowing that life is not a bed of roses, and you have to get up and to take from life, what you desire. At 18, she was able to buy herself a car and taught herself to drive.

A short while later, she met her husband, and they went through a lot together; after a stillbirth, 5 unsuccessful IVF procedures, 2 miscarriages, 7 surgeries for endometriosis, and a nervous breakdown, there was a period of stagnancy in her life; but the go-getter Annabel, never giving up on life, eventually decided to do something with her life and resources; choosing to live a purposeful life by contributing towards giving, and creating social impact. She sold her successful business, cashed in her pension, and sold almost everything she owned, to support the green economy while providing the market with incredible products to live a holistic lifestyle. She founded Organico in 2015.

Organico is an exciting Aroma & Holistic Lifestyle Store that produces a variety of health solutions to cater to different aspects of one’s health. It is certified as organic by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Ecocert SA and has been acknowledged by the Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI) Small Enterprise Development Agency as a success story in creating employment.

Living by her belief in People before Profit, she dedicates her time, savings, heart and soul into making a difference in the society, by assisting disadvantaged women through the proceeds of her business.

Though she is still working hard to move the company to the global space, Organico has come a long way from 2015, and Annabel has been recognized and commended for good work.

She is a woman with a kind heart, a fierce mind, and a brave spirit, who believes that: “At the core of us is a desire to do what is right, good, true, and just. The sacrifice is big. The risks are daunting. But the reward is worth it”.

We have a chance to stand before the world and do what we’re called to do: Change the world.

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