Beauty is the illumination of your soul.” John O’Donohue

“Outer beauty attracts but inner beauty captivates.” Kate Angell

“Outer beauty is a gift; Inner beauty is an accomplishment.” Randi G. Fine

“Take care of your inner, spiritual beauty. That will reflect in your face.” Dolores Del 

We can go on and on and still not run out of quotes on INNER BEAUTY.

There is one resounding truth about all these wise sayings though; and it is that  we must embrace our inner beauty.

Singer and songwriter, Natasha Khan popularly known as Bat for Lashes recently made a comment in her interview on Evening Standard where she spoke on the Pressures women face. She said, “I’m realizing that beauty isn’t skin deep. It can be when you’re young but when you get older you have to really make sure your essence is vital and alive, that you’re a beautiful person on the inside too because that is what shines through.

Talking about embracing one’s inner beauty may seem cliché but it has really got so much attachment to everything we do; it’s visible to everyone we meet and honestly reflects our true personality. Keeping a good look on the outside isn’t enough; you also got to work on a pleasing inner you. 

Will you like some tips on how to embrace your inner beauty? 

If you are an employee, being the best employee is a great way to show your inner beauty.

 If you are a student, being an attentive one would be a start and then making your teachers, school and parents proud is a show of inner beauty. As a wife, being a respectful woman, a good mum and an upright woman is a good show of inner beauty and the list goes on and on.

Whatever your status, it is important to note that the world will have a taste of you someday, sometime, someplace, and you don’t want to show ugly  because ugly lies deep in the bone, beauty will fade but ugly holds its own.

 Therefore, create and cultivate an inner beauty that will touch lives and leave a mark wherever you go. Develop such beauty that will never fade. It is not a day’s work but with determination and consistency you will gradually develop the real beauty, the type that never fades-Your Inner Beauty.

Vivy K.

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