Hearing Nelson Mandela describe the African HIV pandemic in 2003 as genocide, with women and children as the frontline victims, was a turning point in Annie Lennox’s life. After seeing for herself how people were struggling to cope, Annie became an activist and in 2007, she consolidated her work into the SING campaign.

Annie started the campaign by writing a song about HIV and invited 23 of the most internationally acclaimed female artists to record their voices on “SING”.

SING is an advocacy and fundraising platform. It raises global awareness about the impact of HIV on women and children – particularly in South Africa, Malawi and the UK. This aims to promote global action on the issue. It provides financial support for organizations in these countries helping to ensure HIV-positive women and children have access to the treatment and care they need. This is especially important in order to reduce the transmission of HIV from mothers with HIV to their babies.

SING raises awareness, funds, and works towards the global commitment to an AIDS-free generation.

Within this context, the campaign places its focus on two of the most critical underlying issues that prevent women and children getting appropriate treatment and care. These are:

  • Treatment and care for children with HIV

HIV in children is now recognized by the Drugs for Neglected Disease Initiative as one of the neglected diseases that affect the poorest of the poor – diseases that offer little financial incentive for research and development. Infants and children with HIV urgently need better, affordable treatment.

  • Empowering women
    Women’s rights must be upheld in order to make sure they can get access to treatment and care. This relates especially to raising awareness about gender inequality and gender-based violence.






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