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20 Oct

Why Procrastinate When You Can Make Firm Decisions?

Procrastination is a dangerous habit that causes setbacks and can result in frustration. Many people refer to procrastination as the thief of time, but procrastination does worse than time theft, it also kills goals. For every business person, procrastination should not be considered and should be constantly frowned at. This is an important topic of discussion that should not be swept under the carpet because it remains a frequent occurrence and it affects almost everybody. Procrastination takes a gradual process before it becomes dominant in almost every aspect of our lives. It begins unconsciously from our very little mundane activities like cleaning a cooking gas after using it, repairing a leaky roof, seeing a doctor, dentist or even a friend, responding to...
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31 Aug

Challenges Businesswomen Face and How to Overcome Them

By: Mamudu Hamzat Gideon The entrepreneurship space is increasingly gaining popularity as a major channel through which many women give expression to their dreams and in recent times, there has been a significant increase in the involvement of women in entrepreneurship as a result of increased technological advancement among other factors. However, a research by Dr. John Watson, an associate professor in the department of Accounting and Finance at the University of Western Australia, reveals that there is a significant difference between the performance of businesses owned and run by women and those owned by their male counterparts. Findings reveal that female-owned businesses show a higher failure rate. In a quest to salvage the situation, I’ve identified seven challenges female businesses face and...
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23 Jun

How Business Women Can Use Social Media to Increase Profit

Women are naturally relational. Little wonder how a woman is significantly affected when a relationship goes awry. Could this also be the reason why so many women use social media to interact and keep in touch? While this can be a distraction for a woman, this could also be an advantage to women in business? What does the statistics reveal? According to a research by bandwatch.com, the chief social media platform used by 71% of the online population, Facebook, is dominated by women (76 percent) as opposed to men (66 percent) and averagely, women have more than twice as many posts on their Facebook walls and have 8% more ‘friends’ than men. So with this in view, how can women use social media...
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26 May

Seven Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

By: Peri Pakroo More women than ever before, are grabbing the reins, and starting their own businesses. The number of women-owned small businesses is growing approximately twice as quickly as the national average for all start-ups. Despite some long-held and inaccurate stereotypes of women tending towards makeup sales or Beanie Baby businesses, in truth there's no such thing as a typical "woman-owned business." Women are starting businesses of every type and size and in every industry -- from construction to technology to professional services, and from one-person consulting firms to Fortune 500 companies. The reasons women are jumping into the world of small business are as varied as the women themselves. Some women entrepreneurs come from the corporate executive world and are simply...
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