Uber may get a bad rap in the US and in most of the world when it comes to drivers sexually assaulting women, but in Argentina the ride-sharing app may help decrease the country’s sky-high rate of cab-side sexual harassment and violence. On average, 99 cases of sexual assault perpetrated by taxi drivers are reported to police every month in the Greater Buenos Aires Area, Javier Miglino, a lawyer and founder of NGO Let’s Defend Buenos Aires (Defendamos Buenos Aires), told Motherboard. “That can range from ‘simple’ sexual assault, meaning kissing or touching someone against their will, to rape,” Miglino said. He claims there’s been an “exponential” increase in reports over the last 10 years, but that could just be indicative of women feeling more comfortable speaking up. 80 percent of reported attacks take place on the weekends, he said, “typically to girls who’ve gone out dancing and hail cabs…