Puerto Rico


Women in Puerto Rico have recently  launched ProyectoMatria, a store to showcase art, clothing, accessories and products for mother and child, all produced by survivors of domestic abuse and other forms of gender-based violence. The new store, called Matrias, is a pilot project initially scheduled to run until December in San Juan’s Santurce district. It is an offshoot of the business incubator initiative, known as Libera, which seeks to provide women with alternatives to discrimination and violence. “When you buy a product at Matrias, you are supporting our participants’ empowerment and self-sufficiency,” ProyectoMatria case manager Tanagra Melgarejo Pulido told Puerto Rican outlet Noticel. “But more important still, you are promoting social justice.” Organizers behind the initiative will help end the cycle of domestic abuse in part by providing women with more opportunities for economic self-reliance and a greater sense of confidence that often accrues from that independence. “If women in…