MacDella Cooper


By William Q. Harmon President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s absence at the upcoming 2017 presidential election will not be missed, gender-wise, as the first female aspirant for the next elections ,has emerged saying that she has the requisite credentials and is prepared to lead the country. MacDella Cooper said she has not just come to ensure gender balance at the polls next year, but to lead Liberia from where President Sirleaf leaves it. At a well-organized program held at a resort in Monrovia, Ms. Cooper broke her silence, indicating that she will be a contestant in the 2017 presidential elections, because there is a lot to do in a country where the masses still live in abject poverty amid abundance of resources, adding that she is prepared to lead a charge that will emancipate Liberians from their current impoverished state. Cooper is the assumed political leader of the Union of Liberian…